Services RANGE

We operate four key service lines that can be provided on their own or as an integrated solution. Our intention, wherever practicable, is to provide a ‘one stop’  service for our clients, both on and offshore.

We provide our Clients with a market leading report package comprising both online and hard copy deliverables.


We have been active within all parts of the UK Oil and Gas supply chain since 1986 and have an increasing presence within the marine and port sectors. The past five years has seen an expansion into the Renewable Energy sector and the successful completion of a number of overseas projects.

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Industry News

Gas pioneer Heimdal turns 30

For 30 years the Heimdal field has been an important gas supplier to Europe and together with Statfjord and Gullfaks

Three wells for the price of one for Statoil

Old and partly lost slots that were given up as providers of new production triggered new solutions for Snorre B.

Will Russia's crude output levels surprise again?

Russias oil sector has shown a surprising resilience to low oil prices and western sanctions over the past two years.

Offshore wind opportunities for the oil and gas supply chain

The global oil and gas downturn continues to significantly impact the North Sea oil and gas industry. To help companies

Ironhorse Oil & Gas announces first quarter 2016 results

Ironhorse Oil Gas Inc. TSXV IOG announces its financial and operating results for the three months ended March 31

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