CSR and Business Conduct

Business Code of Conduct

  • We want our clients to feel that we are a trusted and reliable partner in their enterprises and that we understand their values and needs.
  • We want our staff to feel that they are a key part of our success and we seek to build a work environment that is safe, professional, and supportive of teamwork and trust

Axiom’s Code of Business Conduct helps to promote high standards of practice and performance.

We expect our Staff, Contractors and Vendors to adhere to the principles and requirements contained within the code.

Fair Dealing

We will deal fairly with our staff, vendors and clients.

  • We believe that no one should take unfair advantage of others through manipulation, concealment, disparagement, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair dealing practice
  • Confidentiality will be observed at all times
  • All Axiom staff are encouraged and expected to compete vigorously within all business sectors and will market our products and services on their merits without recourse to unfair information gathering or denigration of competitor services.

Offering or receiving social amenities or exchanging business courtesies may in some circumstances be appropriate to foster goodwill and to enhance business relationships, however inappropriate gifts and entertainment can create the impression of improper influence and tarnish our reputation.

  • Axiom does not authorise or condone commercial bribery or any action that may be construed as such.
  • Axiom Staff, Contractors and Vendors will offer nothing of value that is:
    • Exchanged with the intent or purpose of receiving a comparable benefit in return
    • Illegal
    • In breach of a client or vendors own organisation policy and rules

Workplace Environment

Axiom recognises the benefits of cultural diversity within its staff and supply chain and is committed to preserving and enhancing diversity

All Axiom Staff, Contractors and Vendors shall be free from unlawful or unfair discrimination. The decision to engage, recruit or promote will be informed by track record, skills and ability in addition to business need.

All employees (whether employed by Axiom, a Client or a Vendor) are entitled to fair treatment, courtesy and respect. Harassment or discrimination in any form based on sex, race, age, national origin, disability, religion or any other category protected by law is both offensive and illegal. It also undermines the professional environment that Axiom seeks to engender at all times.

  • Such harassment; which can take the form of verbal comment, physical touching or other inappropriate conduct is not acceptable in or arising out of the work environment and is not condoned or permitted.
  • It is important to understand that harassment, discrimination or unprofessional conduct is no less serious if perpetrated via Social Media and all Staff and Contractors shall comply with the Company Social Media Policy

Vendors acting on behalf of Axiom must understand that we seek to ensure that countries and communities in which we operate will properly benefit from our presence – through the wealth and jobs created, the skills developed within the local population and the investment of our time and money in people.


Axiom, its Staff, Contractors and Vendors shall comply with all laws applicable to global company operations.

  • Vendors shall not make, promise to make, offer, or authorize any unlawful, improper, or questionable payments or commitments on behalf of Axiom to customers, government officials or agencies, government employees, political parties or candidates, or any other entities or individuals anywhere in the world for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or securing any improper advantage, directly or indirectly
  • Slavery and human trafficking are serious criminal acts and both Axiom and its Vendors shall ensure that no parts of the supply chain support these activities either directly or indirectly
  • Violent conduct or threats of violent conduct against our people, customers or others are never appropriate and will not be tolerated. Staff, Contractors or Vendors who engage in such conduct within or outwith the workplace or who bring harmful or threatening materials into any workplace may have their engagement terminated

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Our success as a company is contingent upon the success of our customers, staff and the communities in which we live and operate.

Axiom has always sought to return to the local community some of the benefits received as a business and believes in the distribution of wealth by training and employment.

We will as far as is practicable:

  • Engage with, support and build trust and credibility within the communities in which we operate
  • Support local content employment and training
  • Seek to understand social and environmental impacts of our activity within each business region
  • Avoid favour of short term commercial gain over building a business that is sustainable over the long term
  • Seek to meet or exceed legislative and regulatory arrangements for the regions in which we operate
  • Ensure that all Staff, Contractors and Vendors share the same high standards of business ethics and values and that adherence with our Code of Business Conduct is a prerequisite of working on behalf of Axiom.

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