HD 3D Laser Scanning and Modelling

Drilling Derrick and Drilling Package Integrity Services

Star Net Geomatics LogoFollowing successful completion of a number of joint venture projects, Axiom Offshore Services are pleased to announce a new partnership with Star Net Geomatics

The partnership will provide a High Definition 3D Laser Scanning (HDS) and Modelling service,
specifically tailored to offshore drilling derricks and drilling packages.

Full, online,  integration with Axioms derrick survey and inspection reports (typically DROPS, API 4G or NDT) allows easy maintenance of  integrity registers and a visual (post survey) cross check of damaged areas.

The new partnership builds on the experience of both companies to offer combined asset integrity
management and support to engineering operations within the offshore drilling industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Scanning?

In laymen’s terms, 3D laser scanning is the process of directing a (Class 3R) laser beam at an object and calculating a distance measurement for each point of contact between the beam source and object.

Millions of points can be scanned in a very short space of time (creating a ‘point cloud’), allowing accurate capture of the object shape and dimensions.

Modern, high definition laser scanners (such as Leica HDS 6100) capture points within a 3600 radius and can even extrapolate dimensions and shapes of ‘shadowed areas’.


How is this useful?

The technique can be used to provide extremely accurate dimensional or alignment checks on existing structures and for the production of as-built CAD drawings.

The point cloud data can be used to create fully rendered 3D modelling (post survey), which can, for example, be used to simulate addition of new equipment or animated to provide clash analysis or destruct simulation.


Logistics and Personnel

Typically a two person team is required.

In addition to the Senior HDS Surveyor, the team includes an inspection or trades team leader, possessing an intimate knowledge of drilling packages – this allows clear identification of critical survey areas and rapid progress through the workscope.

Work at height harnesses are provided to allow surveyors access to all derrick levels, however for standard surveys it is assumed that all survey areas at height will be within hand railed areas (rope access support can of course be provided if need be).

Equipment is relatively portable and suited for use throughout drilling packages.


A Hot Work Spark Potential (HWSP) permit is typically required for laser scanning offshore and the laser beam emitted by equipment is of Class 3R.

Point cloud data accumulated is manually cross checked by the surveyors onsite to ensure quality control and is standard for all deliverables – meaning that clients can request additional models or reports post-survey without re-mobilising a survey team.



Our clients among UK Operators / Drilling Contractors in 2011 included:

Exxon Mobil

Total E & P (UK) Ltd

CNR (UK) International Ltd

TAQA Bratani

KCA Deutag Ltd



Advantages are:

  • Easily interpreted, web based reports (see photographs on this page)
  • Overlay of point cloud data with colour photography
  • Integration of Structural, DROPS, NDT and EX survey reports with laser scans
  • No additional software required
  • Unique and secure web portal to view laser scans and survey reports
  • Easy collaboration and sharing of information through portal

High Definition Laser Scanning and Online Report Packages

3D HDS Laser Scanning on TAQA Eider Laser Scan of NCP (from-deck-level) NCP Drilling Derrick (menu-screen)Sample 3D model of mudpit module






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